Arke Tech
Software and Development

Who We Are ?

Our firm, which operates within the Technological Development Zone of Adnan Menderes University in Aydın, offers solutions in game and software development, advertisement and consultancy. Arkhetech, has developed VR and AR projects for Aydın Governorship and Aydın Metropolitan Municipality for safeguarding and promotion of the local cultural heritage. Having developed a robotic coding game with the theme of Latmos in the year 2020 within the Technological Development Zone, Arkhetech has transformed the game to an autonomous learning model, endorsing the cognitive and cultural development of children.

What We Do ?

Mobile App, VR Apps, AR Apps, Film Production, Cartoon and Animation, 3D Modelling

What We Do ?

Mobile App

We develop games and business applications on the basis of our customers’ needs.

Smart City Projects

ArkheTech is a software and modeling provider for smart city applications. With its expertise in 3D world and project management, ArkheTech creates technology that is essential for a sustainable future.


We create Virtual Reality applications for you to discover different worlds and history, through field and area scanning.

Cartoon & Animation

We create 3D movies and cartoons for companies.

AR App

We create solutions for examination of objects and places through Augmented Reality technology.

3D Modelling

We design 3D models both digitally and physically for museums, fairgrounds, expos and educational areas, uniting reality and the digital world.

Hannover Smart City Project

Latmos Explorer

Latmos Mobile Game

Adu Cpr Vr Education

Afrodisias 3D Modelling

Miletos 3D Modelling

Cartoon for kids

Latmos Vr App

Afrodisias Mobil App

Sisli Municipality-Green Power

Sezen Aksu- Yandı İçim Animation

3D Modelling